Box-Card Dispensing System (CL17205)




  • Problem! More and more drug manufacturers are making orally disintegrating tablets that are moisture and heat sensitive. ODT’s cannot be repackaged in the standard punch card because they are fragile and will crush/disintegrate when removed from the ODT original packaging.
  • The same size as a punch card, the Box-Card stores and dispenses ODT medication in the manufacturers original unit dose package.
  • Once the Box-Card is filled, the patient’s prescription label can be applied and the box is ready for delivery.
  • This system is made to keep all ODT’s in the same flow as regular tab/caps.
  • Allows pharmacies to credit unused product since it is in the original sealed unit package.
  • Works well with Punch Card Carts and Bins.
  • Quantity: 250 per package
  • Dimensions: 6″W x 8¾”H
  • Items to be used in the Box-Card Dispensing System:
  • Prevacid SoluTabs® – all strengths
  • Zyprexa Zydis® – all strengths
  • Risperdol M-Tab® – all strengths
  • Remeron SolTab® – all strengths
  • Micardis® – all strengths
  • Zofran ODT® – all strengths
  • Maxalt – MLT® – all strengthsGenerics
  • Mirtazapine® ODT – all strengthsAll wafer type of meds
  • Some eye ointments, suppositories, lozenges.


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